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Nature Travel Conservation is part of the Nature Travel group of companies.
With Nature Travel Conservation safaris you get the opportunity to really make a difference. Having been in the safari business and research fields for a long time we have become very closely associated with several excellent conservation projects. The idea with Nature Travel Conservation is that we run both conservation based safaris where you spend time at these organisations (for example Africat, CCF and Save the Rhino in Namibia) as well as still visit the key tourism attractions of the country – the best of both worlds. By visiting these organisations we will be supporting an excellent cause as well as get great behind the scenes experiences.
We specialise in conservation safaris in the amazing country of Namibia, with its remarkable history of innovation, sustainability, cooperation and success in the field of conservation. It is one of the only countries in the world that addresses conservation and natural resource protection directly in its constitution.
Be part of conserving nature and its wildlife for the generations to come after us with Nature Travel Conservation.

For more information contact us at info@naturetravelconservation.com

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