Client Reviews

Sam: June 2019
I have been on two Nature Travel Namibia tours, and I am convinced they are the best in the business. Last year, I contacted Nick Buys, the founder of Nature Travel Namibia and told him exactly what I hoped to do and he created an itinerary specifically designed to my desires that far exceeded my expectations. Nick and his entire team were so professional and easy to work with, and they gave me the adventure of a lifetime camping in the Caprivi Strip. Traveling with Nick was like getting shown around a new part of the world with an old friend who knows everything about the place. I could have spent months in the Caprivi and never found some of the off-the-beaten-track places Nick took us straight to. Nick is so knowledgeable about African wildlife, and he is an especially talented ornithologist. I will never forget the eight days I spent with Nick in the Caprivi Strip for as long as I live. The NTN team is passionate about conservation, so this trip is sure to provide both an unforgettable adventure, as well as a great way to do your part to protect African wildlife. I couldn’t recommend them more.